Whispers of War

Show 4: Grinding Tentacle Rep

August 31, 2018

Show 4: 

Thank you for all the kind messages regarding what happened in my personal life. This podcast is a place about warcraft and happiness however!

-What have I been up to in Warcraft this week?

- Interview with the wonderful Thom from the Blue Recluse.

You can connect with Thom on:

The Blue Recluse; http://thebluerecluse.eu/ and @TheBlueRecluse_

Nerd this: https://nerdthispodcast.com/ and @NerdThisPodcast

Topic of the week: have you ever fallen out of love with wow and what reignited that joy in wow again for you?

Next week we are joined by Kevin all the way from Japan. 

Questions next time: What is your opinion on the gender roles and the motivation behind some of the lore characters? Think of all the women in the warbringer videos, do we have seen a surge of more female characters in the story of bfa? Is this good or not? Is there such a thing as a moraly grey Sylvanas?

Any war whispers you want to share?

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