Whispers of War

Show 11: The State of the Game

October 20, 2018

Show 11 is finally ready! A little bit later than normal, but the it was not just me who was ill, but also my computer. Luckily, things are sorted for now and there was a recording! As you can hear from my voice i'm still quite poorly, and I apologise that this is affecting the quality of the show. Hopefully I will be all better for show 12.

Today I talk to @Jordrend about the State of the game. Are we still loving BfA or have the first cracks begin to show? What do you love more than you’d expect and what do you wish they scrapped or changed?

You can find Jordrend on YouTube: 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYes9dRssxqPUEwagQSzFkg and Twitch:


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