Whispers of War

Show 2: With Marty from the Blue Recluse

August 17, 2018


Show 2


I want to thank you all so much for the love and support! It really means a lot that the first show was so well received and that you all welcomed me back into the podcasting and wow-community. You guys are the best!

This week I talk to Marty from The Blue Recluse podcast about all things warcraft and we talk a lot about bfa. 

If you want to know more about Marty and his podcasts, go to:


And you can follow him on twitter: @unamithil

How was my week in warcraft?

- BFA hit; what did I do – plus topic of the week; my first impressions of bfa

- levelling horde

- leveling alliance

- areas and my opinions on them

There's also a new look to the Warcraft app!

Topic of the week: First impressions of BFA


What the listeners said (Email and tweets):

@knightveil: Probably missed the deadline, but the horde side questing has been enjoyable. Only bugs I've found are a weird "missing dialog" bug and mobs randomly resetting during combat. Otherwise it's been good.

Darkspear Revolutionary Ligerwolf: Will only comment on Vol'dun as its the only zone i've complete so far. Here goes, the quests are just all over the place, No clear indication which is the main story and which are the side quests.. You complete 2 or 3, BAM, you get 5 more. And its like this the entire way. What I've quested in Nazmir, I am enjoying it so far. I like it more than Voldum aka side quest gallore zone.

@Exclavior: I’m loving Kul Tiras. The sights and sounds around Boralus have me yearning for a trip to the coast IRL. The aesthetics are just stunning!! 

Kristen @Disneygirl85: I'm having so much fun! I love how big Boralus is and how the kul tirans talk is magical.

Darryl from the Training Dummies podcast:

I'm loving everything about it so far. Bwonsamdi is just plain awesome.

Ringmaster Kevin from the Darkmoon herald podcast: Trolls are awesome!!!!!

Echoess GG: I like the story telling and questing more than legion. The dungeons were also fun, but it was primarily due to their new-ness.

Ryakkan: Drustvar is gorgeous and eerie, but I love it. Put your cameras on it's farthest distance setting and just sit back for some gorgeous scenery.

Cmdr Moogyver from Spare Parts: So far, only 2 hours in (had to work, and then server shutdown happened right in the middle) but so far its been amazing. the cutscenes!


Questions next time: How do you pick your main and I still want to hear what you think about bfa so far.


Any war whispers you want to share?


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